Let me Share Something About Myself

My name is Fran, and I have started walking on a bridge that keeps breaking apart behind me.

I mean, a couple of years ago I decided I would stop putting all my sweat, tears and health on someone else’s mission in which I didn’t even believe. And on top of everything, I decided that my time was worth more than the money I was getting paid for it and that I would stop making this trade.

Fast forward a couple of years and a lot of failures, and some small successes which still run, I had a dream, an idea of building a place where aspiring entrepreneurs, like me, could find all the important information they really needed to start a business.

Then I found Wealthy Affiliate through a website called digitalworldguru.com

Kyle and Carson, the founders, had already created my dream and made it much better than I could ever have imagined.

When I joined this Community, I immediately knew I was going to upgrade to the Premium Membership.

The value of this platform is immense, it offers all the training you’ll ever need step-by-step in order to start a business online in a way that doesn’t overwhelm.

And best of all, you are surrounded by like-minded people who have already gone past what you’re going through and are willing to help.

A Mission…

I believe we are all born Free and turned into ‘cogwheels’ in the Machine.

I want to help people break free from the shackles of security and employment and realize their potential to help and provide value to others’ lives.

Create and Earn is my way to contribute to Kyle and Carson’s job with Wealthy Affiliate.

Everybody needs a Guide, and I wish to guide you in the right direction that will help you achieve success!

The Purpose…

Create and Earn is the result of my deep passion for acquiring business and marketing related knowledge and the need to share it with the World.

The way I obsess over a subject and absorb massive amounts of information puts a lot of people off. I then feel the need to share it with everyone, but rarely have the opportunity to do so.

Have you ever felt that? When you discover something great, like your whole world changes, you start to see everything differently, but the majority of the people around you, especially those you love can’t see it. So you feel like shouting from the bottom of your lungs hoping that someone will hear.

The problem is, people don’t hear what doesn’t interest them, and we are all in different paths is life.

Through Create and Earn, I hope to condense the knowledge I’ve gathered throughout the years, and continue doing so, and bring it to you in an easy to digest way.

By landing on this website, I hope that you are interested in what I have to share and that it might help you create something valuable that will extend the chain.

Reach out anytime…

I enjoy connecting with like-minded people, and like I said before my mission is to help others create something of value. If you need any help don’t hesitate to reach out to me.

Use the contact form on the website or email me at franc@createandearn.com. If you’re already a member of the amazing Wealthy Affiliate community you’ll know how to find me there.