So your dream is to create a website business…

But… you can’t code. And you’re not a designer.

Yes, it is called web design, but you no longer need to have that kind of training.

Well, if you are a programmer or a designer, you will certainly benefit from those skills. But if you aren’t any of those, don’t sweat it. Keep reading and you’ll be surprised of how easy it can be to design a beautiful looking website.

But I’m not only going to teach you how to build a website, I’m going to show you how to make a profitable business out of it.

I will give you the tools you need, tell you how to use them and then explain how you can profit from your newly acquired skills.

Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means that if you click on the link and buy something, I will receive an affiliate commission. This has no cost to you and I only recommend tools that I use or have used myself and that are within the most useful, to the best of my knowledge.

Why does Everyone Need a Website?

Think about the last time you were somewhere and needed to know something about a company… What did you do? Did you Google it? Did you end up in their Website?

A website is like a virtual shop or home, except that it’s accessible to the whole World instead of only the people in a certain area.

This means that through a website, a business or person, can reach over 4.2 billion people around the globe. That’s the amount of internet users by the time I’m writing this. And this number keeps increasing every day.

Why should you care?

Well, because everyone needs to and should have a website, businesses and individuals alike.

I’m sure you understand that all businesses and brands need a website, but might be wondering why would a random person with a random job need one…

I couldn’t understand that myself, up to very recently.

Then I saw the light!

How the World and the economy are evolving…

The economy in which we grew in, is disappearing quickly and those who understand what’s coming will thrive.

The new, digital world, is one in which everything is accessible to everyone online, especially information and knowledge.

Think about it, 10 years ago if you wanted to create your own website you’d have to buy a couple of $100 books on coding (from a shop) and probably spend a year or so studying HTML and other programming languages, including going to classes, etc.

Today, you can just learn how to create websites through a post like this one, and some practice, and make a business out of it.

I know it’s hard to believe, but you can. Let me challenge you, if you don’t know how to create a website, to read my post “How to Build a Website for Dummies” and try it for yourself.

Yes, there’s a learning curve, you might struggle with it for a couple of days (not years), but you can get the hang of it so fast that you’ll become an expert.

And, in today’s fast changing World, an expert, is a person who is only a few steps ahead of you.

Which means that YOU can become an expert website builder in as little as a couple of weeks, depending on how much you like to do it and how much energy you put into it.

create a website business


Create a Website Business

Alright, now, you know how to build a website, (if you don’t, go read “How to Build a Website for Dummies”), how can you turn this into a business?

First, what is a business? Our friend Wikipedia defines it as:

“Business is the activity of making one’s living or making money by producing or buying and selling products (goods and services). Simply put, it is “any activity or enterprise entered into for profit.”

In this case, you can sell either a digital product (website) or a service (website management).

The key here is the difference between a product and a service. Both can be sold to generate revenue.

Selling a Product (Website)

What makes a business profitable is the relation between income and expenses, which leads to cash flow. If you have positive cash flow you have a profitable business.

Let’s do the math here.

After 5 minutes of research, I found someone selling websites for $90. Yes, his websites look good, but I also recognize them from the Divi Layout Library. He didn’t even bother to customize them. This took him around 30 minutes to create.

I will get into details of where I found this ‘Web Designer’ later on as an option for you to start, but for now I will use the $90 as the average value of a Website.

Cheaper option: Bluehost Plus Plan (unlimited websites) + Divi Theme (Yearly Access)

Cheaper Website Creation Pack (How to Create a Website Business)

As you can see, by selling as little as one website per month, you already offset your expenses, or in other words, you are creating a positive Cash flow.

The thing is, after your 5th website or so, you will be creating great websites in 2 hours or less.This means that by working around 2 hours per day you can be earning the amounts calculated in last table.

Slightly more expensive option: Wealthy Affiliate Premium Membership + Lifetime Access to Divi Theme

Slightly More Expensive Website Creation Pack (How to Create a Website Business)

As you can see, Divi Theme will not be a recurrent expense on this option, it would be an initial investment, which you would have payed for in one month time by creating one website per week (= 4 websites total).

With a bit of work, this is very easily achievable, even for someone who has never created a website before.

As you can see it’s not that hard to create a website business…

But how do you find customers to sell your website to?

You can use a website like to start offering your services and create some experience in the business.

I do not recommend staying with Fiverr for long, you can later ‘Upgrade’ to something ‘better’ which I will mention soon. But to start with Fiverr is ideal.

Another, more advanced option, of selling websites, would be to do some research of what kind of websites are trending now-a-days, make it and sell it in a place like or

But I advise you to just start offering your services as a website builder through Fiverr, or even to friends, family, or brick-and-mortar businesses close to you. Get some experience, and move on to the next step.

Climb the ladder, but one step at a time.

The next step…

Selling a Service (Website Management)

Now that you’ve seen how easy it is to create a website business, let me show you that you can go even further…

With the right tools, a bit of imagination, and a good amount of work, everything can be achieved.

Selling websites is a great way to get experience and Fiverr is a great place to sell them, but once you are comfortable with the website building process, you should start looking at places like and consider Managing Websites instead of just selling them.

Think about it, by selling a website, you get a one time customer who pays and leaves and then you must find a new customer. If you actually offer your services as a Website Manager, you can charge for a recurrent fee that will pay you an income from each customer.

Chances are, if someone is looking to buy a website, they won’t want to manage and maintain it either… This should be an easy sale.

Once you get to this level of work, you might need to outsource some coding for ‘special requests’ from ‘special clients’, but trust me, it will be worth it if you know how to charge for it. This is where the Theme Limitations practically disappear.

I will talk about outsourcing in the last chapter.

I will not talk numbers on this one, because numbers are all relative. I only showed you the math before because I understand how hard it is to put the pieces together before you start.

However, once you feel ready to become a Website Manager, you will know better than me the current rates and the quality of your work.

I know you might be thinking… “Why don’t I start working as a Website Manager straight away?”

Because once you start working in a place like Upwork, quality is paramount. You will be getting customers and be able to charge more due to the quality of work you produce.

It’s hard to understand everything behind this business without actually doing it.

Well, it’s not hard, it’s impossible!

Which means that you must get your hands dirty before you become an Expert.

Create a Website Business – Scaling

If you are one of the 4% who would like to run a business, Congratulations! Everything you’ve learned here can be scaled as far as your imagination allows.

The trick is outsourcing.

Most people just want to work, they don’t want to run a business. Which gives you the capability of hiring other Web Designers to work for you, once again by getting into websites like Fiverr or Upwork, this time as a client / employer.

I don’t like to outsource from Fiverr, but I know some people who do it quite successfully. I only started outsourcing once I could afford to do it through Upwork, and I am extremely happy with the results.


I hope this article has showed you that it is possible for everyone to not only become a website buiçder, but create a website business starting with no skills or expertise.

Finally, I would like to ask you, if you decide to go ahead with this business, whenever you hit a road bump, and you will hit a few, don’t give up!

Ask for help or advice.

Come back here and contact me. I’d be very happy to help you personally.

Or, in case you’ve chosen to be a part of the Wealthy Affiliate Community through my links, you will have direct contact with me 24/7.

Starting a business is not easy, and we fall lots of times, but we must stand up and continue forward, there are a lot of benefits to be reaped.

The most important thing to have in any entrepreneurial journey is a community of like-minded and successful people that will support you and advise you through the tough times.