To make money as a Clickfunnels affiliate, all you need is a good offer and the right training for both you and your referrals. And, with a bit of luck (or by reading this article) you’ll find someone who already has both and will let you leverage their own tools.

Out of all the affiliate programs and networks out there, it might surprise you to learn that Clickfunnels is considered by the experts as the most profitable of them all.

This software has dominated the market in record time thanks to its network of affiliates and its focus on providing them with tools and training to promote it.

Thousands of affiliate marketers have made millions through Clickfunnels alone.

And you can very easily become one of them. Would you like to know how?

In this post, I’m not only going to show you exactly how to promote this software, but I’ll give you access to a done for you affiliate funnel with which you can start earning commissions in only a couple of days.

If you’re already a Clickfunnels expert and only want a copy of the funnel, scroll down slightly!

Some of the links in this post are “affiliate links.” This means that if you click on the link and buy something, I will receive an affiliate commission. This has no cost to you and I only recommend tools that I use or have used myself and that are within the most useful, to the best of my knowledge.

A Brief Overview of Clickfunnels

Clickfunnels was created by Russell Brunson to simplify the act of building sales funnels, which before this software required a lot of technical expertise, coding, design, copyrighting, etc.

Russell became a master of sales funnels after he created a potato gun funnel in his youth. He has since helped a lot of big names, including Tony Robbins launch products profitably from day one by mastering this technique.

He successfully created a platform that allows anyone with little to no skill to create a highly profitable sales funnel in no time.

Russell Brunson - Clickfunnels founder and CEO

Russell’s approach to sales funnels is a process he calls “Funnel Hacking”. This consists of finding an existing profitable funnel in your industry and copying it. Building a funnel this way with Clickfunnels takes only a few hours and has led to the incorporation of the “share a funnel” link.

With this, you can copy a funnel with the click of a button. This is how you can just click and download this amazing self-promoting funnel I’m sharing with you and start getting paid even if you’ve never used this software before.

Russel teaches all about Funnel Hacking and more in his book “Dotcom Secrets”, which I highly recommend to anyone who wants to build a successful business online.

But you’re not here to learn to build funnels, you’re here to make money promoting the software, which amazingly is also Cickfunnel’s biggest weapon.

The Rise and Domination of Clickfunnels Through Affiliate Marketing

Clickfunnels became the fastest growing SaaS (Software as a Service) company ever, amounting to 100s of millions in revenue in less than 3 years through the power of its affiliates.

Russell was the first to understand that by creating raving fans he’d be able to dominate the market without spending millions on advertising. He managed to beat all existing competition without any outside investment, which he calls “cheating”.

It should now be easy to understand why all of Russell’s efforts are aimed at having the best affiliate marketers promoting his software, how clever a tactic that is, and how that benefits you.

He then built the best tools and training around Clickfunnels in order to support them.

As much so that there is a training program with 3 of Russell’s experts called “The One Funnel Away Challenge” opening almost every month for only $100 which pays 100% commission to affiliates.

No. There’s no profit for the company there… except for the extra Clickfunnels fans (paying customers) they get, which is their final goal.

How Much Does it Pay and How Does it Work?

Alright, so Clickfunnels has two types of memberships:

  • Basic Clickfunnels for $97/month
  • Full Etison Suite for $297/month
Clickfunnels Pricing Plans
Here you can see the main differences in Clickfunnels

And you get paid 40% of those recurring membership fees!

Which means that for any referral that hires Clickfunnels for $97 / month, you’ll get paid $38.80 for as long as that person remains a member.

But that’s not all…

Most Clickfunnels users buy lots of extra products, such as training or extra services for their business, which are promoted to them by CF and you get paid your 40% for every single purchase they make.

For example, there’s another software called FunnelScripts, which generates automatic sales copy for your funnel pages. Most business owners don’t like to write copy, and honestly, it’s almost impossible to do it better than the experts behind Clickfunnels.

Funnel Scripts (Not Just Sales Letters)
Auto-generates headlines, button text, bullet points, etc…

For these reasons, this extra service attracts a lot of people who choose to pay an additional $497 / year. That’s another $198.80 / year for you at no extra work or cost or work…

Similarly, if a referral of yours eventually upgrades from the Basic account to the Full Etison Suite, your commission will go up from $38.80 to $118.80.

The Etison Suite provides some extraordinary features for advanced users, in-house email service specialized in sales funnels (actionetics), and your own affiliate center, where people can become your affiliates and promote your products / courses, etc (backpack).

Actionetics features in Full Etison Suite

I personally don’t use these features at the moment. For email marketing my favorite tool is GetResponse.

Feel free to read my GetResponse review here and learn why.

What you get with backpack in Full Etison Suite

The Sticky Cookie and The Master Funnels

What’s a sticky cookie and why should you care?

A cookie is simply information saved by your browser about your visit.

Once someone uses a referral link of yours to one of Clickfunnel’s products, they’ll be “cookied” to you for 6 months.

Once a “cookied” referral makes a purchase, all other purchases will be also attributed to you.

As you can imagine, Clickfunnels experts are the top sales funnel builders in the World.

Good for them… and for YOU!!!

Once you get a referral through the door, which you can do for as low as a Free book where they only pay shipping, they’ll be sent through CF’s master funnels (including email funnels).

If in any of these, your referral buys one of their products or starts using the software, that’s your commission too!

Clickfunnels is an incredible software and once you get to know it and use it, start watching some of Russell’s videos and entering the Funnel Hacker’s community, you’ll surely feel like you’re a part of something important and will want to stay for life.

Your job as an affiliate is to bring the person in, enough to fall in love with the software and its perks, and of course the mission. Then, you’ll make passive commissions forever!

Tier 2 Commissions and Affiliate Incentives

I didn’t mention this before but Clickfunnels also pays a 2nd tier commission of 5%.

Another genius move of Russell Brunson’s inspired in Network Marketing.

With this in mind, you have an extra incentive to help your referrals succeed, and when they succeed they stick around, and you continue to get those monthly commissions. This leads to that extra reward of 5% for everything your referral promotes successfully!

But the most famous incentive and what attracts most amount affiliates is the Dream Car.

Clickfunnels Dream Car Winner
Clickfunnels has given 1000s of Dream Cars…

Once you refer 100 new Clickfunnels users, they’ll pay you up to $500 per month of your dream car lease (this can also be your current car payment), and this goes up to $1000 once you reach the 200 mark.

All of this, of course, on top of your affiliate commissions, which with 100 referrals would be at least (likely more) $3,880 / month.

The Two Comma Club Award

After he saw a marketer make over $1,000,000 in a day, Russell got inspired to start thinking big and growing his company.

This became such an important milestone for him that he decided to create the Two Comma Club Award for Clickfunnels users. This means that for every funnel that produces over $1,000,000, the creator of that funnel will receive an award.

I’ll let you listen to the story told by Russell himself, it’s inspiring!

The Two Comma Club by Russell Brunson

How Can YOU Win a Dream Car and Join the Two Comma Club?

To become a Clickfunnels affiliate, all you have to do is create a free trial account.

Promoting Clickfunnels is actually easy. They give you most of the tools you need, trainings, etc.

But in order to become a Super Affiliate, win prizes like the Dream Car and make an incredible passive income, you need to go one or two steps further than just promoting it.

You see, Clickfunnels is a software and as easy as it might be to use, it still has a learning curve. And building profitable funnels is not that straight forward.

What most, if not all, Super Affiliates do is help their referrals learn to use the software. They create courses and support and most of the times give them away for free. Once they become highly successful, they make better courses and start selling them.

If you’d like to see how they do this, have a look at this free training from one of Clickfunnels’ top affiliates, and amazing coach (the best I know), Spencer Mercham.

A Done-for-You Clickfunnels Promotion Funnel and Step-by-Step Formula

Since I started learning about digital marketing and how easy it can be to succeed online by following the right path, I became inspired to help others avoid the mistakes I made and started creating and leveraging tools to help people like you acquire financial freedom through online entrepreneurship.

After years of hard work and learning the ins and outs of affiliate marketing, I created a system that could be leveraged to build any business online and start earning in as little as a few days without any previous experience or knowledge.

A marketer called Jordan Mederich has now built an even easier system which I am giving you access to. This is the easiest and fastest way ever to start promoting Clickfunnels.

This done-for-you funnel will not only promote Clickfunnels for you but will show you how to find the people who are interested in using and promoting it themselves.

You can have this set up in as little as 30 minutes following the video tutorials included and start getting your own referrals with no extra work in the next couple of days.

But keep in mind what I mentioned earlier, promoting Clickfunnels is not profitable unless your referrals receive the support they need and have a good reason to continue using it.

What better reason than them becoming affiliates themselves? That’s what happens when you use your copy of this funnel.

You will then gain access to my community of honest entrepreneurs and my free training to help you build and grow your affiliate business to levels you haven’t even dreamed of.

You can also send your referrals to this community to help them learn and grow their own businesses or create your own community.

If you’re ready to become a Clickfunnels Super Affiliate, grab this FREE funnel right now and don’t hesitate to ask for help anytime. You’ll find all the support you need when you join our community (access inside).

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If you have any questions about being a Clickfunnels affiliate or how this done-for-you funnel works, leave a comment below or join our Free Affiliate Marketing Mastermind for Honest Entrepreneurs Facebook Group!