You’re not a fortune 500 and can’t afford to buy 5 expensive tools to manage your email marketing…

And you don’t have the time to be learning all these different platforms or exporting your list from one tool to the other.

I know! I’ve been through it, and I didn’t have the time either, so let me save yours.

When I got started building my list, I didn’t know which software to use and tried out a few.

Don’t fall for my first mistake, getting a free tool just to start and then upgrade…

I ended up wasting more time and money, but to be fair, I couldn’t find the information that showed me which one was right for me, so I had no choice but to make my own mistakes.

So, let me start by saying that I qualify GetResponse as the best small business email marketing software. Why? Let’s get into that.


  • Product Name: GetResponse
  • Product Description: Small business email marketing software – ESP (Email Service Provider)
  • Pricing: Starting at $15 after a 30-day trial
  • Ease of use: Beginner level
  • Features: Email marketing, landing pages, marketing automation, webinars, CRM, autoresponders and more…
  • Best and worst: The most amount of tools and amongst the cheapest; email templates don’t have the best designs
  • Our Rating: 4.8 / 5

What is GetResponse?

It’s an Email Service Provider (ESP) focused on an all-in-one solution for small to medium businesses.

Why do I qualify GetResponse as the best small business email marketing software?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably already aware of the importance of building an email list and keep your contacts nurtured and interested in your business.

Well, I’ve found GetResponse to be the best way to do that while keeping my costs down. It provides such a wide range of features that will allow you to replace a few other tools while doing an excellent job at managing your email marketing.

This software is also extremely beginner friendly and offers an excellent library of video training to improve your email marketing skills.

It also grows perfectly with your business and can handle a medium size business without any problem, which should keep you safe from having to change tools and learn how to operate a new one any time soon, unless you’re planning to go public soon – in that case you shouldn’t be worried about this anyway.

GetResponse is the ideal marketing software for any small to medium business that is serious about email marketing, and all of them should be.

What do You get with GetResponse?

Is GetResponse a jack-of-all-trades and master of none?

I don’t believe so, and this is the most surprising part of this platform, they offer all the tools you can think of for your email marketing and more, for the lowest price possible, and with great efficiency.

While you will not find the best webinar tool here, I really think that it’s drag-and-drop email builder tool and similar landing page builder are some of the easiest and most efficient to use in the industry. And keep in mind that few email service providers offer a landing page tool.

What exactly does GetResponse offer?

  • Email Marketing
  • Landing Pages
  • Marketing Automation
  • Webinars
  • CRM
  • Autoresponders
  • Stock Photos
  • Optin forms
  • Surveys
  • Phone App

You won’t get all the features with the most basic plan, but most of them. We’ll get into that shortly.

Feature-wise, GetResponse is definitely the most complete ESP out there, even with the basic plan of $15/month you’ll get much more than others offer for higher prices.

This software comes with an android and iPhone app offering the freedom to monitor your campaigns or even send newsletters on-the-go. This is an extra that I love as I sometimes don’t have access to my laptop but like to have access to my email lists.

I have yet to find a tool that doesn’t integrate with this software.

Is There a Plan that Suits Your Needs?

GetResponse offers a wide variety of plans which, again, makes it ideal as the small business email marketing software of choice.

It will be dificult to not have your needs covered, as the plans offered are flexible for your list size.

You’ll be able to start off with a 30-day Free trial – which is perfect if you want to test the waters without spending your hard-earned income – without even providing credit card details. Upgrading will be completely your choice instead of the stressful auto-billing after trial.

Here’s an overview of the available plans and the features you get with each of them.

GetResponse Plans

These plans can be adjusted per list size.

For example, if you have a list of 1,500 contacts and don’t think you need to upgrade to Pro just yet, you can adjust your Email plan to your list size and pay less than you would with the higher plan.

If none of these seems to suit your current needs, click here to see how your ideal plan would look like.

Is GetResponse Beginner Friendly?

This software offers a friendly user interface, very easy to get used to its functionality. It’s the most beginner friendly email marketing platform I’ve tried.

You’ll log into a dashboard with the main buttons on top to access any of the tools, and widgets, which you can add or remove to customize the overview of the dashboard to your preferences.

GetResponse Dashboard

In the newsletter creation tool you’ll find a wide variety of templates available, which don’t offer the most modern design, but personally I never used pre-designed templates for my newsletters. I prefer to create my own, and that’s where GetResponse shines once again with its quick and easy drag-and-drop email editor.

Automations are also some of the easiest I’ve worked with and I’ve never felt limited to do anything even on the most basic Email plan, and offer an interactive tutorial tool that will help you build your first marketing automations.

You can create a workflow that automatically assigns tags based on actions, moves contacts to lists or sends them a specific message based on their actions or tags. A small business email marketing software with perfect list segmentation.

As for the mobile App, it is very intuitive and incredibly easy to use.

Of course it comes with some limitations – such as no drag-and-drop email editor (for obvious reasons) and you can’t edit your marketing automations, but I’ve never experienced any problem while attempting to send newsletters or checking my statistics.

GetResponse mobile app

Support and Training are Paramount

I haven’t needed support many times since I’ve started using GetResponse, but I’ve used the 24/7 live chat a couple of times and they’ve been extremely fast and responsive, very helpful, and always solved my problems.

Whilst I can’t speak for other people’s experience with the support team, the feedback from the reviews I’ve read has always been good.

GetResponse Courses

There is also a few very detailed video trainings available for free on the platform, with up to 90 lessons, where you can learn some basics of email marketing and even some medium to advanced tricks to help you build your list.

Feel free to use this link to access any of these for free!

Is it Ideal for Affiliates?

Most email marketing platforms have very good affiliate programs, I haven’t partnered with many of these as I only promote the tools that I personally use and recommend.

As you’ve probably concluded from this review, I highly recommend GetResponse as a small business email marketing software or for anyone starting out with an online business or building a list.

If your business is affiliate marketing or you’d like to recommend this software to anyone, you’ll be receiving a 33% recurrent comission for your referrals.

In your affiliate account, you’ll find a shocking amount of tools to help you promote it, such as banners, videos, email swipes, webinars and even infographics.

Overall, if your focus is to have the best comisions out of promoting a software, GetResponse is probably not your best bet, but the range of tools it offers is quite impressive, just like the software itself.

Personally, I believe that anyone working in affiliate marketing has the responsability to only promote products they use and believe in. With this out of the way, I recommend and promote GetResponse for all the reasons I outlined in this article and because it is my chosen platform for email marketing.

Most of the links in this post are affiliate links, which has no cost whatsoever to you.

In Sum – Is GR the Right ESP for You?

GetResponse is NOT for you if:

  • You’re a fortune 500 company with a team of 10 email marketers.
  • Your email campaigns focus primarily on sophisticated design.
  • Your main goal is to make the most amount of money from the tools you promote.

GetResponse IS for you if:

  • You’re just starting email marketing but are aware of its importance.
  • You’re serious about building or growing your list
  • You’re starting a business, know nothing about email marketing but want to learn.
  • You already have a small or medium business and can’t afford to spend thousands on software.
  • You already have a list but are not happy with your current ESP.
  • You are an affiliate marketer but focus more on providing the right information than making money.

If after reading this review, you think GetResponse is for you or you’d like to try it for yourself, click here to claim your 30-day free trial (no credit card required).

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Any questions or opinions you have, feel free to post them below, I’d love to read them.